Susie Carpenter

“I thought the entire presentation went well!”

Trina Peters-Vassallo

“The children were able to relate to the story and thoroughly enjoyed the song. The kids loved it,..especially the song. The kids are still sing it now.”

Former Student Ashley Santana

“You saved my life in ways many wouldn’t understand” A teacher’s job is to open the world to children and encourage them that everything and anything is possible. At age 6 and 7, you did much more than that. You saved my life in ways many wouldn’t understand”

Kecia Parham Cook

“I loved the enthusiasm in Ronnette and her daughter’s voice and the way the story is told.”


“The energy level was amazing”

M. Davis

“I really enjoyed the music and how it was presented throughout the performance. The presentation was lively and energetic. It captured their attention and allowed for optimal student engagement.”

Y. Hunter

“Corey being sad about bullying brought an almost visceral response from the students.”


“The energy was amazing! The most memorable moment was seeing how the kids reacted to Corey Beats Bullying! You can see they were empowered.”