Nettie, Nana and Friends offer five educational performance packages:

We cover New Jersey and Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. Call us today, we’re happy to help.

Read Aloud Performances
Interactive Read Aloud presentation of one of our Book Titles.
Sing along performance
Questions and Discussion
Follow-up lesson plan and activity sheet
Closing with Corey or one of our featured puppets
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Educational Performance
Interactive Puppeteer Performance Presentation on one of our character education topics like, Anti-Bullying, Multicultural Awareness, Perseverance, The Power of Words, and more!
DJ and the full Nettie, Nana, and Friends LLC cast will perform
Games and Prizes
Gross Motor Interactive Movement
Follow-up lesson plan and Activity sheet download
A FREE personalized signed copy of one of our Titles
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Custom Shows
Pitch us your idea!
We will create a customized Puppet Show just for you!
Nettie, Nana, and Friends will Perform a Skit Presentation based on your idea!
Provide a follow-up lesson and downloadable response activities
Your students will have fun learning through dance and Gross Motor Movement
Discussion and Question session
Interactions with COREY or our other accompanying puppets!
A FREE personalized signed copy of one of our Titles.
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Motivational Speaker
Help for the TIRED Teacher!
When you CHANGE your FOCUS, you CHANGE the GAME!
Help your students discover the joy of puppeteering starting
Are you experiencing teacher burnout?
Are you lost for ideas?
Has the demands of teaching taken your spark?
Well there is Help for the TIRED TEACHER! Get pumped, focused and motivated!
Ronnette Smith-Powell has been teaching in the classroom for over 25!
She will share her powerful strategies on how to keep the fire burning! This Motivational speaker will have you ready for the challenges!
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Children’s Puppeteer Workshop
$699 and up
Learn and explore through play
Standard based lessons in language and performing arts
Opportunities to to support learners on social- emotional development
Creative writing template for planning, sequencing and script writing
Performance and voice coach
Puppet making project
Creative Storytelling
Interactive child participation and performance
Fine and gross motor development activities
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